Welcome to Frank Nani Physical Therapy located in New City NY

             We strive to provide personal, individualized, and functionally directed treatments to all of our patients. A staple in Rockland County since 1993, Frank Nani Physical Therapy has garnered a reputation for providing professional, compassionate and high quality care.

             We specialize in treating a wide range of Orthopedic and Neurological related issues to help all of our patients acheive their goals, improve their quality of life and allow them to return to that life without pain. Our aim is to provide the community with the highest standards of care available in Rockland County, while maintaining our ability to generate professional yet personable relationships with all of our patients, which continues to be the primary reason for our loyal patronage and our best referral source.

About Us

We have five private rooms and a gym that allows for the appropriate rehabilatation process. This allows for privacy during various manual treatments but enough space for more dynamic, functional and biomechanically sound exercises that reinforce appropriate body mechanics, posture and appropriate performance. Our goal is to maximize gains from rehabilitation as well as teaching patients the tools they need to prevent injury in the future. 

               We are trained in various manual techniques such as Myofascial Release, Joint and Tissue Mobilization and Strain/Counterstrain. Although our focus is derived primarily from physical and manual treatment methods, we provide the modalities that are commonly used in physical therapy such as Heat & Cryotherapy, Electric Stimulation, Ultrasound and Light/Laser Therapy.